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Cryptocurrencies are breaking new ground constantly, as new projects are introduced every day and broader swaths of the public interact with this revolutionary technology. With increasing popularity comes a growing need to clarify the legal implications surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This week, Law, disrupted is tackling these very issues. 

Appraising the surging public interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – including Bitcoin and Ethereum and dozens of newer tokens and projects – John and his guests consider the legal issues emerging in this space. 

They explore how smart contracts and “code is law” concepts may not provide all the answers when unintended outcomes arise, and cases that are addressing these issues. They discuss security threats, vulnerabilities, and the issue of dealing with an anonymous counterparty who may be located halfway around the globe. 

Together, the panel also explores liability implications associated with DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), private property rights that digital assets represent, and issues related to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

The panel also discusses regulatory issues presented by cryptocurrencies, including SEC attempts at regulation by enforcement and recent legislative activity geared towards cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Published: Mar 23 2022

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